Almost Natural - Architecture of Preservation (First Prize Winning Project)

Khalid Khairi al-Tamimi
Nasser Marwan Ghannam
American University of Sharjah
Name(s) of instructor(s): 
Faysal Mohammed Ousama Tabbarah
United Arab Emirates
Brief About The Project: 

The concept behind this project is inspired by Paleontology. The monolithic form aims to amplify the massiveness of earth into becoming an inhabitable condition. This is also explored through establishing a relationship between a tectonic shell and stereotomic earth that is similar to the relationship between the skeleton and the skin, adding a protective layer that covers the inhabitable form.

فكرة المشروع  مستوحاة من علم الأحافير. يبين شكله الخارجي العلاقة بين الهيكل العظمي والجلد.

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