The Re-emergence of King Faisal Square

Yazan Khaled Mahmoud
Applied Science University
Name(s) of instructor(s): 
Montaser al-Hiyari
Brief About The Project: 

To Recover Centrality, Reconstruct Social Cohesion And Revert The Decay Of The Socio-urban Fabric;
From A Social Point Of View, The Revived Historic Core Will Contribute To Reconstruct Social Cohesion Amongst The Different Social Groups Providing A Common Federating Space For The Entire Population, Where The Cultural Heritage Is Preserved And Enhanced In Both Its Symbolic And Economic Role, And Urban Space Is Improved For The Benefit Of Residents And Visitors
From An Urban Point Of View, The Focus Is On The Improvement Of The Socio-urban Fabric, The Recovery Of Cultural and Urban Centrality

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